Grasscut - Video Production & Design

With their album complete, Brighton based musical duo “Grasscut”, and recent signing to Ninjatune, approached us to provide them with visuals for their live show.

A number of meetings took place with Andrew and Marcus (with some fine ales being imbibed too) in Brighton, where we learned about the album, and appropriate themes to include. Various motifs and a loose narrative structure were decided upon. We planned a full visual accompaniment for the album, track by track.

Over the course of almost a year, we shot, directed and edited videos for the entirety of the “1 inch / ½ Mile” album, including the singles releases Muppet, Swallow the Day and very well received tracks such as “Door in the Wall”. Numerous location shoots were planned, and during the editing process we also tele-cined a lot of old 8mm and super 8mm film from our shared archive.

The technical underpinnings and design approach for the visuals were that Grasscut could offer 2 options on how they do the gig with visuals. Either with us being on stage mixing the show live, along with live camera feeds, or if circumstances precluded this, they take a visuals laptop along with them… This was a stand alone device, loaded with software, show optimised and programmed so that it would track and follow their midi output during the show. The great thing for Andrew and Marcus was by using this technique, it did not force a standard performance on them, time locked. Being extremely talented musicians they wanted to be able to improvise within their compositions. They could do this now with the comfort of knowing that the video would back them and not run out.

Here's a playlist of the full album's videos